Toxic beauty — what you do not know about your cosmetics could cause harm!

iStock ImageI was trained as makeup artist at AVEDA NYC. I was exposed to the harmful chemicals that are found in the many cosmetic products that we use every day to make us more attractive. These chemicals can remain in your body for years, possibly causing many health problems. One of the most controversial of these chemicals is parabens.

What are parabens?

The simple answer is that parabens are chemical compounds that are used as preservatives in pharmaceuticals, 脫毛 cosmetics and the processing of food and beverages. The most popular types are methyl-, propyl, ethyl and butyl-parabens (check for them on the labels of your favorite products and then substitute them with something more effective). The more complex answer is that parabens can be endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxicants.

Why should I care?

Because endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins are chemicals that can interfere with hormones and can disrupt the normal development and growth of reproductive capabilities and intelligence. The average woman in the U.S. uses around 12 products for personal care each day, while the average teenage girl uses up to 17! Even if you use only some of these products it’s a large amount of harmful chemicals getting into your body on a daily basis. Imagine the negative effects this could affect your skin over the course of a lifetime of makeup application. You may think you are safe because you only apply cosmetics to your body, not within it. Make no mistake — when you apply something on your body (i.e. : makeup, lipstick glitter, etc.) it is going into your body.

If parabens can be so harmful, why do I have them in my makeup?

A lot of people think that some government agency, like the FDA, regulates what goes into your makeup. It is generally believed that if the product can be purchased at a local drugstore or department retailer, it must be safe. This is not always the case. There is very little federal regulation over cosmetics. Companies aren’t legally required by the U.S. government to perform health studies or conduct pre-market tests for 脫毛 safety on cosmetics. Companies can use just about any chemical they choose to use in their makeup, and aren’t required to reveal what those chemicals are.

What can I do to ensure my family’s safety?

Read labels — But remember that not all ingredients need to be listed on the label of cosmetics. If it’s free of parabens, it will say so, this is an accomplishment that cosmetic companies are proud of and they will show it off! Also, remember that claims such as «organic», «natural» or «dermatologist examined» are not regulated when it comes to cosmetics. They do not indicate that a product is safe. Do your own research and choose not to purchase or use personal care or cosmetic products that contain these chemicals.

As a creator of cosmetics for dancers, cheerleaders, and actors, I am especially worried about the health of the children and teenagers who love and use my cosmetics! Teens who are prepubescent or pubescent are particularly at risk from exposure to these chemicals. The goal of JAM was always to develop a safer cosmetic option for cheerleaders, dancers, actors, performers or anyone who is looking for a long-lasting makeup that is free of «long lasting chemical». That’s why I am pleased to announce that, as of the beginning of the year JAM cosmetics are PARABENS FREE!

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