Issues With Backup Digital Camera — Problems/Troubleshooting —

Butttt it will not work? I have checked Every little thing with a meter and it reads excellent, and the unit settings are right too. The digicam is turned on and i’ve tried both ground and battery settings. I don’t get why it will not work. now i can plug the digital camera video cable into the digicam enter and select it from the scroll menu and it works high-quality, but i would like it to work where i can shift in reverse and it come on mechanically. Please tell me what is flawed and how i can fix it. Thank you so much.

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I will attempt to get some photographs of how I did the backup digicam. However all I did is on the trunk door I popped out the part of the tail light assembly that has the reverse gentle (the inside part of the tail gentle) and whenever you do this you must be capable of run the cable from the digicam into the automobile and i ran my cable down one of many hinges and tucked it behind one of the panels on the facet of the trunk. There are good instructional movies on how you can take away that part of the tail gentle meeting I pretty certain you’ve to do that to change the gator reverse camera (see this site) bulb but after you have that out it is best to be capable to run the cable into the automobile. I might attempt not to have the cable too tight so it would not injury it although.

When we first create a equipment, reasonably than removing a piece of the manufacturers tape on a wiring loom to re route a radio or screen cable to the digicam interface, we’ll get a brand new extension cable manufactured for the kit. It’s these extra touches that makes our kits what they’re!

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